2059 South Canal

Masonic Emblems, Cicero Avenue, 2012

Freemason Emblem

Eastern Star Masonic Emblem

Everything I know about Masonic imagery comes from spending two minutes on Google.

The blue painting is partly destroyed now–someone cut part of it from the wall it’s painted on. Too bad.

St. Laurence Church, 8/23/14

St. Laurence Church, 8/23/14

“Best get your pictures now, because it ain’t going to be there next week,” the man salvaging bricks said to me.

Once it’s gone, I hope to sort all of the photos of this place I’ve taken in the past year into something resembling a coherent gallery. In the meantime, there’s this.


April 14, 2012

July 5, 2014

July 26, 2014

I was sort of hoping to get back inside the Lawndale Theater to re-photograph the lobby, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen now. Probably for the best.

(above: Lawndale Theater as seen from Roosevelt Road: April 14 2012, July 5 2014, and July 26 2014)

Three Photos at MAAF2014


I will be showing a few new photos (above) in a group exhibit with 22 other artists in a vacant storefront at 2775 N. Milwaukee this weekend (June 27-29) as part of the 2014 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. I volunteered to babysit (er, “staff”) the gallery on Sunday from 12-4pm, if you want to stop by and say hello. OK, show’s over–thanks for stopping by, if you did.

Also, I have an e-mail list thing now. Sign up for occasional updates regarding my art/photo making activities at tinyletter.com/noahvaughn

Thanks to Gwendolyn Zabicki of the South Logan Arts Coalition for organizing this pop-up exhibit at MAAF and inviting me to participate. Gwendolyn will have some paintings in a group show this July at the Comfort Station. Go see them.

Milwaukee WI, May 2014

Milwaukee WI, 2014 (Couple)

I was in Milwaukee was to see Brian Ulrich‘s photos at the Haggerty Museum of Art (Copia—Retail, Thrift and Dark Stores, 2001-2011, which was great and well worth the 3 hour round trip train ride) but since I had some hours to kill before heading back to Chicago I explored what I could within walking distance from the train station. The city seemed oddly depopulated for a Saturday afternoon, but I did get to chat with this charming couple: “If you take his picture it’ll probably break your camera,” she said (it didn’t.)

I posted more Milwaukee photos on my flickr page. There was a lot to look at, and I wish I could have stayed longer. Next time.

Riverside 2012

Riverside 2012

Riverside 2012

Sorting through old photos: Riverside IL, 2012, right about here.

Columbus Park, April 2014

Columbus Park, April 2014

Columbus Park, April 2014

Columbus Park, April 2014

Columbus Park, April 2014

Columbus Park, April 2014

Columbus Park, April 2014

Columbus Park, April 2014

65th and Cottage Grove

Mz. Betty's Hair Icons

Link, Loto, Doritos

Atomic Sub

March 2014, right about here.

Five Buildings, February 2014

6032 & 6034 S. Lafayette

6062 S. Lafayette

6062-6064 S. State

6237 S. Prairie

Photographing buildings during a mild snowstorm presents some obvious challenges. Figuring out proper exposure can be tricky, and lugging camera equipment through 12-16 inches of snow on the ground (with more falling from the sky) can be exhausting. Also: the wet, the cold, etc. But when the resulting images work, it’s like the snow erases all the superfluous detail, leaving just the subject floating on a field of white.