Incentive for our current President to release his returns.

(unrelated: I now have an instagram account; this this the first photo I posted on it.)

These two photos of the former Goes Lithography building at 61st and Perry were shot a week apart, and I remember not being happy with the light either day. The second image ended up being the one you see posted on my main site, but the first version (recently re-discovered while attempting to organize my Lightroom catalog and which I rejected at the time for reasons I cannot remember) probably deserves to be seen as well, so here it is.

Gary Indiana 2016

Gary Indiana, 2015

Union Station Power House, which is on Preservation Chicago’s 2017 “Chicago 7” Most Endangered List.

Presidents Day, Chicago 2016

Chicago 2016

Heaven for hamburgers, Chicago 2014

I need a new mattress, but not from here.

Chicago 2017

Chicago 2017

Archer Avenue, Chicago 2015